S3rsync Pricing

Each Rsync hour costs 0.05 US$.
The charge is calculated per minute. For example, an Rsync session of 20 minutes per day will cost you 0.017$ a day or 0.20$ after twelve days.

You will be asked to pay in advance 19 US$ that will credit you with 380 usage hours.

Our up to date usage report is available online. Each month we will submit your detailed usage report summary.

Note that you are still responsible for the standard Amazon bandwidth charges for any data transfer between your Rsync client and our Rsync server ($0.10/$0.17 per GB uploaded/downloaded). Bandwidth charges will be added to your s3rsync cost and are not included in your monthly S3 bill.

The credit is valid for 12 months from the date of activation to ensure plenty of time to use it

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